Iconic Parisian cocktail bar on the Left Bank, Prescription Cocktail Club, reopens after renovating to unveil a cosmic and theatrical transformation for cocktails sipped well into the night.

Step through the entrance at 23 rue Mazarine to be immersed in draped fabric, delicate trimmings, upholstered walls, and beguiling spaces. Each step reveals a small scene set across small sofas hidden in every corner. The bar is set as the main stage with Zoltar hidden behind the DJ booth telling fortunes.

The enchanting celestial atmosphere that now bathes the interior of Prescription was imagined by Dorothée Meilichzon, the cocktail menu is designed by Maxime Potfer and is an invitation to a maiden voyage of creations inspired by the spirit of the otherworldly.
Sit back to discover a journey of flavours.


The Prescription Cocktail Club is the scene of many surprises: Yiking initiations, tarot & tequila workshops, games of chance, croupier energies, astro encounters, tastings, Ayurvedic chocolate & cocktails with "Cosmic dealer"....

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Join the T.S.F. Club, a radio show recorded around cocktails with guest musicians, moviegoers, writers...Head over to Instagram for the lineup!


23, rue Mazarine
75006 Paris

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